Small Team

test.AllTheThings() with our plans designed for individuals and small teams

We offer a variety of plans designed to help individuals and small teams accelerate their development process. Whether you are just getting started with a manual plan or have a small team that automates tests daily, we have plans to fit your needs. You have access to all our core features and analysis tools to help you automate your tests, integrate with a CI server, and analyze results.

Automated Testing Platform

Easily scale to speed up test cycles and boost capacity without the hassle of managing your own infrastructure.

Speed Your Development

The Sauce automated testing cloud is optimized so you can test web and mobile apps in parallel and accelerate your tests by up to 10x.

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Leverage Existing Tools

Compatible with tests written in any language and framework. Use any JS unit test runner. And, Sauce integrates with your CI system to make automated testing a part of your build process.

Quickly Pinpoint Issues

Watch a video recording of the whole test from start to finish or flip through screenshots taken after each page-altering command to diagnose errors and verify layout.  We provide a full report of the run with metadata, Selenium and console logs, including a complete list of commands and responses at the conclusion of your test.  

Optimized for CI/CD

Achieve Continuous Integration with better insights into each software build and test process using our plug-ins for the most popular CI systems.

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Powerful Analytics

Test Analytics is designed to help you make sense of your test results and optimize your test resources so you can release software faster.  Increased visibility of test coverage and success trends help you decide if your apps are release ready and if you are utilizing your testing assets efficiently.

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Learn Selenium, Appium and Sauce from the experts via instructor led online or in-person training courses.

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Test with Confidence in the Cloud

Secure tunnel technology encrypts traffic between your tests and our cloud to keep your confidential data secure. Single-use VMs are destroyed after every run for pristine test sessions.

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Securely Test Staged Apps

Test staged apps and access data behind a firewall with Sauce Connect™ proxy, our optional secure tunneling technology.

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Take Control of Live Test Sessions

You can access a live remote desktop session while running tests. And you can manually take control of the VM (to clear a pop-up that's blocking your test, for example) or "breakpoint" the test to stop automation and diagnose issues.

Cross Browser Testing

In addition to the powerful core features of our automated testing platform, we offer the following features for Cross Browser Testing:

Comprehensive Platform Coverage

Automate your tests on more than 900 instantly available browser / OS combinations (even beta versions) without the time, expense or hassle of managing infrastructure.

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Desktop and Mobile Web

Test your web apps in parallel across desktop and mobile browsers for comprehensive coverage in a fraction of the time it would take for you to do manually.

Based on Open Source Standards

Selenium is the open source standard for automating testing of web applications across multiple browsers. Sauce Labs operates the world's largest, publicly available Selenium test cloud—running more than 1.3M tests per day. As the experts in Selenium, you can rest assured that our infrastructure is the most reliable, secure and up-to-date.

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Get Started Quickly

Take the drudgery out of writing test code. Our platform configurator creates code snippets for your automated test scripts in the language of your choice.

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Mobile Testing

Test your mobile apps across iOS and Android real devices, emulators and simulators on our public cloud. Run automated tests to accelerate your releases and perform manual spot checking to isolate issues quickly. Access hundreds of different devices without the hassles of procurement or maintenance.

Cost-effectively test across mobile emulators and simulators

Augment manual and automated testing on real devices in our public cloud with emulator and simulator testing to help you easily debug apps quickly and optimize your costs.

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Test Native, hybrid and mobile web apps

We are the only test cloud that lets you automate your native, hybrid and mobile web tests across emulators and simulators to speed your testing.

Based on Open Source Standards

Run automated mobile tests across your native or hybrid apps with Appium, Espresso or Robotium - all open source frameworks. Appium is the cross platform framework for iOS and Android apps. Espresso is Google's framework for testing Android apps. Robotium provides a record and playback test case creator for Android apps.

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Support for Both iOS and Android

Appium interfaces directly with native iOS and Android automation frameworks, so you don't have to include a third-party SDK, and the code you test is the same code you release.

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Live Testing

In addition to the powerful core features of our automated testing platform, we offer the below features for Live Testing:

Comprehensive Platform Coverage

With over 900 browser / OS combinations to choose from (including beta versions), you can manually confirm your app by testing.

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Improve Quality in Less Time

Spin up browsers in seconds to quickly see how your app looks and functions on the platforms your users prefer.

Accelerate your Development Pipeline

Easily scale to speed up test cycles and boost capacity without the time, expense or hassle of managing infrastructure.

Easy access to developer tools

Every Sauce browser comes equipped with standard debugging tools so that when you’re driving the browser manually, Web Developer, the IE Developer Toolbar, and Chrome Dev tools are just one click away.

Live share with team members

Click on the “Live Share” button to send a link of your current test session to co-workers. Once they join, automatically share the same browser session for real-time, collaborative debugging.