Open Source Projects

Free testing for open source projects

If you have an open source project, please email with your free trial username, your project’s repository URL and description. We'll verify your account within 48 hours and give you access to unlimited testing minutes on up to five parallel VMs and use of all our great, time-saving features like 800+ OS/browser combos, screenshots, debugging tools and more. Please note that using Open Sauce means your tests and results are open to the public.

Test with Open Sauce

We love open source. As open source advocates and contributors, we know it’s important to support projects that we benefit from on a regular basis. And what better way to do it than by providing the infrastructure that helps ensure new releases are fully tested?

Live and automated testing

We provide up to 5 concurrent sessions so you and your team can run automated tests or live (manual) tests to spot check apps.

Desktop and mobile

Instant access to over 800+ browser and operating system combinations and our mobile emulators and simulators means you can verify your app across desktops and mobile screens with Selenium, Appium or Espresso. (Real mobile device testing is available by purchasing one of our mobile plans).

Quickly pinpoint issues

Watch a video recording of your whole test from start to finish or flip through screenshots taken after each page-altering command to diagnose errors and verify layout. We provide a full report of the run with metadata, Selenium and console logs, network calls, browser console logs, including a complete list of commands and responses at the conclusion of your test.

Public testing

Open source is all about sharing. So all tests run in an Open Sauce account are public and easily shareable with your team or the world. If private testing is required, see one of our plans.

Collaboration made easy

Simplify team collaboration and easily share test results, videos, commands, logs and metadata via both HipChat and Slack.

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Get started quickly

Take the drudgery out of writing test code. Our platform configurator creates code snippets for your automated test scripts in the language of your choice.

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